Our Beer

Come for the beer, stay for the atmosphere.  Sit and relax in our tasting room, or out on our porches in the shade of our hop bines, and enjoy a glass (or two).  The perfect environment to unwind with a friend and try several of our different varieties. 


Our Tasting Room

Thank you for visiting our site.  We look forward to the day in the near future when we can welcome you to our brewery and tasting room.  Please bear with us while we develop our brewery. 


We can think of nothing better than creating fantastic, seasonal craft beers for you and your friends. Every season we try to come up with something new and original, and we hope you like it. Don’t worry, we’ve got some old standbys up our sleeves as well. 

Brewery and Tasting Room

On track for a MAY 2017 opening!!!!!

ReInventing your local brewery